The Ginger Juice

Wellness! It is my JIMMY JAM as most of you know, if you aren’t familiar checkout my Instagram bio. See it’s on insta that means it must be true (kidding, of course!) But seriously I am a wellness nut. My coworkers always ask me what kind of wellness shots I have in tow as I walk into work and they aren’t wrong. I do carry my arsenal with me. No, I am not a germophobe, To be honest I have two wildly active boys and I have learned I just can’t afford to sick. That mixed with the fact that I truly believe the key to self love starts with what you put into your body and there you have it. That basically describes me and my love for wellness in a nut shell.

Above you’ll see my favorite wellness drink sometimes I make this as is for a larger delicious drink other times I double up on my ginger and lemon in the recipe and leave a pitcher of it in my fridge. Taking little shots of the concoction through the week really helps. At the first sight of the sniffles I go right for this and a glass of green juice!

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