Golden Sunny-Dee

We’ve reached it, cold and flu season is upon us. Which means a little extra boost is more then welcomed. Sunny-D has my husband as coined it, is a fan favorite in our home this time of year. It contains turmeric, one of nature’s natural anti-inflammatories, which increases circulation for tissue healing. So while it won’t cure your cold, it will help. This is a great remedy when your muscles are on the mend as well. With a January Barre 3 challenge starting TODAY, I am sure I will be juicing a large batch of this, this month.

There isn’t a lot of turmeric in there but it is citrusy and strong, so while Sam and I drink around 6 oz per serving the boys only get 5 ml. The other morning Sam woke up with a particularly rough cough and I could feel it. This was going to linger and spread if we didn’t nip it in the bud quick! Usually he likes to just “rough it out” man-cold style when it comes to a being sick. I was sure he would be trying to sneak his way out the door for work without even a sip of cough soother. When my husband asked for “that Sunny-D thing you make”. If my pickiest taste tester is asking for it by name then this one must be a winner! Try it and let me know what you think!!

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