Home For The Holidays

The holidays are easily a favorite in our household. Especially since the boys celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas. But we are starting renovations on our home. Which means it can be hard to remember that it’s the holiday season! This morning I woke up and realized Hanukkah and Christmas are only two weeks away! In an effort to celebrate, and keep the boys feeling that holiday spirit in the middle of so much change, I’ve mapped out a holiday activity schedule we’re hoping to stick to! We’ll be adding more festivities in as we come up with them, but it wouldn’t be December in the Katz home without baked goods, friends, and daytime outings. I’m particularly excited to teach Gunnar how to make latkes. He is so interested in the cooking part of the holidays and I am for sure trying to nurture that excitement!

This holiday season we are trying to be more present and build memories with the kids. Of course gifts are great but it isn’t just about that. I would need more than a minute to think about it, if you asked me to name even 5 presents I received over the course of my childhood Christmases. But is you asked me what I do remember about my childhood holiday memories? Making veggie lasagna with my mom, decorating the tree, seeing The Nutcracker Ballet with my family (we’ve gone ever year since I was 8), honestly I could keep going but I think you get my point.

It may not be ground breaking but I hope my little checklist inspires you to step outside the hustle and bustle of the holidays and enjoy some quality time with loved ones.

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