A New Season…

“Don’t give it five minutes if you’re not going to give it five years.” This quote is something I think of often. When making large decisions or even small and albeit silly ones. I always think,  in 3 months will I care? In a year will I remember this? Is whatever I am so concerned about going to matter in 5 years time? If the answer is a bright big and gleaming NO! Then it is best to just to chuck it in the recycling bin and keeping moving/growing in the right direction. I’ve hinted that this summer was rough. Nothing juicy and no,  I LOVE to keep it real with you guys but none of it is truly important. Wow, even saying that feels good.

Don’t get me wrong we have had lots of beautiful growth as well, just not without the growing pains attached to it…BUT! As we slide into fall, we are *knock on wood* weathering the storm. I am so grateful for how far we’ve come as a couple and as a family. Life gets tough and unexpected problems arise. At times it can be way easier to just give in and feel sorry for yourself. But that’s a vicious cycle that only harms your inner peace. And lord knows we don’t need it. So I’ve added a new ritual to our Sunday night!He will kill me for saying this but I force him to do a face mask with me while we snack and watch movies. At one point in the night we stop whatever we are doing and write about a list of our weekly intention.

We start by each sharing a few goals for the week ahead. These can be about anything – home projects, work, life, wellness, our relationship, , etc.  Right now we are trying to fix our home up to sell (Yay!!) So almost all of the weekly goals revolve around that. Then we come up with three specific things that we are grateful for and how we plan to remind each other of those things throughout the week. It sets the tone for a positive week, providing just enough structure for what really matters without feeling like we are nagging one another. And after the chaotic summer we’ve had, it feels great to get back to what really matters in life and channel our positive energy in the right direction.

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