My Autumn Favorites -19′

I feel like a traitor admitting this but I am so over athlesiure wear. Which is kind of poor timing seeing as how this is kinda the season where athlesiure sees its return. Obviously I’m not kicking all my cozies to the curb. But unless I am running from a hot yoga session to the grocery store, I’m keeping it to a minimum. If you are like me and feel like you need a refresh, I have a couple fall time favorites I’ve been working with lately that are fit for those oh so lovely Autumn vibes!

1.) Oxford Button Down –  First of all not all oxford button downs are created equally. It all depends on your body type. Personal I have two brands that seem to make one right for my shape.

The Splurge –  The Quinn (Banana Republic) $40 (Originally $69)

Budget Friendly – The Camden (Universal Thread) $ 19.99 

It is the equivalent of my track jacket or pullover. Super easy to throw on and style. I tend to buy my Oxfords in two sizes. My normal size and then I also go one size up. If I am wearing denim with the top and what more of a tailored looked I go with my normal size.. Once we get to boot season I love pairing the larger size with my Athleta leggings and a pair of tall boots.

2.) Tennis shoes – Listen I want to add a little more structure to my look, not walk around the grocery store in heels. I am not and never truly will be a heels girl. I love my flats and have no shame in admitting it. My favorite sneaker/tennis shoe? Golas absolutely  hands down are my number ONE! Coming in at a close 2nd, my Converse…All depending on the style. Honestly this season I’m leaning away from fresh white sneakers and going more towards creams, tans, and black. I told you, I looking to refresh the autumn classics.

The Splurge – Gola Bullet Low-Top Sneakers $80 -Black/Rose Gold

Budget Friendly – Converse Madison Sneaker $44.98 – Light Taupe 

3.) Lazy Day Dresses – Am I the only one who loves to just throw on a flowy dress, and my over coat or denim jacket and GO! I love this time where we are still semi in-between season and I can mix summer and fall,

The Splurge – Colorblock Floral Wrap Dress $149

Budget Friendly – Tiered Wrap Dress $49 – Taupe Multi

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