And Then There Was Sunday

I’ve always considered Sunday, to be a sacred day. Sundays should be spent doing things you want to do with no rhythm or reason attached. I look at the weekend in its entirety, as layer of relaxation. Friday is the half day, You’ve worked for most of the day  but you get to leave the office knowing you don’t have to be in in the morning. Friday is the all bets are off day. You over eat the charcuterie and cheese board and maybe have a little vino. End the night with a bit of Netflix and a snuggle in bed.

Saturday is the rise, shine and get it done day. All the things you’ve been putting off are reserved for Saturday. Whether it is laundry, reorganizing your office or tackling your market list, this is the day you get it done.  Start early and end early enough to still enjoy the day. Usually I use this day to change over all the sheets and meal prep for the week. Then you end it all with a beautiful dinner out with friend or family.

And then there was Sunday. Sunday is a turn your phone on silent and enjoy yourself kinda day. This is the day you do all of those random things you want to do but can justify taking the time to do.  I love this way of structuring my weekend because it helps me to feel more present in my own life and with myself. We talk a lot about putting the phone down and being present with those around us but we seem to forget the greatest relationship we will ever have is the one with ourselves…

Below I’ve written a few of my favorite Sunday activities.

  1. Fresh flower bouquets – It is all about your mindset. Starting your day with beauty will automatically set you up for a positive day. And honestly, is there anything better then a beautiful bouquet of flowers?!
  2. Making pizza from scratch – So if you’ve be following along since the early days you knew before even clicking the link that this little gem would find it’s way on the list.
  3. Walk around your town/city with no intentions or plans – If you are in the Philly area I suggest Talula’s Garden followed by a trip to Head House Square for the best farmers market find Philly has to offer.
  4. Barre3 – My favorite way to unwind. I try to do at least three Barre3 classes over the weekend, but on Sundays I switch it from high intensity to their more meditative sessions.
  5. Buying new plants – Do I even need to explain this one?1 Plants make people happy.
  6. Starting a new book – I love to read a few chapters to start and then revisiting those chapters later on in the week. I like to see what I noticed when reading on Sunday verse what I notice when I reread on say Wednesday. It is a weird thing I do but its something I look forward too.
  7. Go to the beach for the day, even in the fall – Cape May is STUNNING in the fall and seriously a sight to be seen.
  8. Go to the park – Being apart of nature any day of the week is important but especially on Sundays. Fun Fact: 84% of young adults who played outside as children say protecting the environment is a main priority for them. So get your kids outside!!!!


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