For The Love of Celery Juice…

Okay so can we talk about celery juice for a hot minute. It is the latest craze and one I can totally get behind. There’s is one minor issue I have….This is one of those veggies I DO NOT recommend juicing. Celery is made up of 60% water…60%. So in my opinion that means juicing it just wont truly cut it. If you want the good stuff and I mean all the good stuff you have to blend it. I know, I know, some of you are probably rolling your eyes.

Hear me out…The fiber in each stalk of celery isn’t attached to the water in celery it is in the stalk itself.  That all basically gets filtered out when you juice it.  Don’t get me wrong I love juicing. Getting a bunch of fruits and veggies out and just blending it all together can feels so mentally rewarding. I get it. But although juicing this particular one may make it easier for you to consume,  you aren’t getting the added benefits.

However don’t fret because you can easily blend this beauty and still get all those nutrients you want. I have a few tricks up my sleeve and I am surely ready to share!

Celery Juicing/Blending tips!

  • Let the celery stalks sit out over night – This lets the stalks warm up a bit and makes it easier for the blender to cut through making your drinking experience a heck of a lot better!
  • Add a little extra water to the blender with your celery – Another trick to really get it blending and easier for consumption. Plus there Is nothing wrong with getting a little extra H20!
  • Blend it twice –  I like to blend it once and then add a shot or two of Jacob’s Raw -Pure Greens in and blend it again,  Jacob’s Raw is one of my many beloved Wegman’s finds! They have an entire tonic line that I definitely want to test out in the future…I’ve linked it for the curious 
  • Don’t filter it – Sometimes when you blend you’ll have a little “film” on the top of your juice and in some cases when you google you’ll be advised to use a strainer to filter it out. DON’T that’s some of the good stuff. Just shake it up and shape it up well before you drink it and you won’t notice it!

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