Thoughtful Moments with Google

You wedding day is a magical day, it’s filled with beautiful moments l and happiness memories. That’s what our day was for us..Only up until now I’ve never had a single printed photo or even an album,

See, after almost three years of trying I thought our dreams of a wedding album or wedding photos were dashed. We have a ton of those initial photos and wedding venue photos thanks to our amazing planner Katie, owner of DFW Events. But between busy schedules and indecisiveness Sam and I just were never able to pick out the ones we desired. At the same time our photography went from shooting weddings and events full time to part time and then eventually not at all.  So to make a painful and long story short all of our amazing photos were GONE.

I truly gave up and just felt grateful for the memories and held on to them alone. Then I was approached by Google to work with them on a campaign for their Google Photo-book. I knew exactly how I wanted to approach and was so happy to accept. This was such and easy and pain free process. I just open the Google Photo app on my phone and clicked “create a photo-book”. In literally minutes I had a full hard back book. I could customize the boarder around each photo and was able to pick from a hardback or a soft back book. To make it a little more special I of course went with the hardback. And how much was this extremely memorable and sweetly personal gift? 20 d o l l a r s!!! Honestly showing up with this under the Christmas tree is sure to make me the winning gift giver this year!

No matter what the season or what moment you want to remember with a loved one Google Photo is absolutely one of the best ways to do that,


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