Winter Skincare Do’s & Don’ts

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I can already feel that winter chill filling the air…Most of ya know your girl isn’t against colder tempts. But I’m sure I’m not the only mama whose skin just isn’t a fan of the weather. On top of all that in the never ending saga of my  changing body (thanks motherhood) I was yet again sent back to the drawing board on what products I can and can’t use. I know they say that mothers bounce back within a year or two but Bodhi seriously took a lot out of me…

Thankfully I’m not stranger to researching and finding new brands to use. And that is exactly what I did. And of course I found my new favorite skincare line to help me get through winter, Shea Moisture!  Shea Moisture is certified organic, cruelty free, locally made ( WHAT UP NYC!) , recyclable and family owned company. I mean how can you not love a company after hearing all of that. They have a wide variety of products for every skin type and every woman. Everything from a shower wash to body oils, shampoo bars and by favorite firming and toning body butter.

Seeing how many products they have to offer made me realize how boring my skincare routine used to be. I’ve always had a tough time balancing my glow. I don’t really wear make up and have always gotten complements on my skins even tone but at the same time I look at my skin every day and know I could be doing better, Although these lotions and potions aren’t going to be my cure all they most certainly are giving me the push I need to truly start taking care of my skin again and add to my routine.

If my old website were still up it would be drenched with posts about over priced creams and lotions that generally left my face with red marks and dryness after a few uses. I always thought it was my diet and it some moments it was but not everything can be cured by cutting out sugars and carbs! To say I’ve learned a lot in the past few years would be an understatement. And while I’m not here to talk about all of that just yet! I have put a short and sweet list of my favorite skincare do’s and don’ts I’ve learned along the way! 

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